Using Visual Studio, no Local Windows Debugger

Hi, I’m having an issue with Visual Studio and Unreal.

Usually, when I want to build my game and have it automatically open UE, I click the “Local Windows Debugger” button in Visual Studio (I made a new project to demonstrate):

However, I ran into an issue when deleting the Build, Intermediate, and Saved folders and regenerating my project files. Now, Unreal Build Tool is selected:

This causes Visual Studio to simply build the program, without starting up the editor afterward.

I want to set Visual Studio to use the “Local Windows Debugger” again, but I actually can’t determine how to do this. The app name isn’t listed in the build tool dropdown:

Restarting Visual Studio doesn’t fix the issue, nor does trying to delete the three folders again and rebuilding.

Does anyone have suggestions on getting the “Local Windows Debugger” back?

(This might be relevant: I noticed this issue also appears if I were to start a new project and simply change that text box to something else. I can’t get the correct value back).

Fixed! I simply had to select my project name in “Configure Startup Projects”

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