User Guides : Reported Issues and New Requests



You can reply to this topic to let us know about any mistakes you have spotted within a user guide, or if you feel a user guide could do with additional information.

Also, if you have identified an area of functionality or a feature within the forum that has not yet been covered with a user guide, please let us know.

It would really help us out if you could use one of the following templates for your replies, feel free to just copy and paste the appropriate one and fill in the details - thank you in advance :slight_smile:

> ---------- > **Issue :** **User Guide Contains a Mistake** > > **URL :** _The full web address for the specific user guide_ > > **Description :** _Specific details relating to the mistake you have found_ >

> ----------

Issue: User Guide Lacks Information

URL : The full web address for the specific user guide

Description : Specific details regarding the information you feel is missing

Issue : User Guide Required

Description : Details regarding the functionality or feature hasn’t isn’t covered in a user guide

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Issue : Feature Requested - Course filters

Description : How about making the possibility to set personal filters for the notifications/wall messages on the homepage? In that way people are able to only see the topics of courses they are interested in.


Thanks for this, I have added to the list and will get it out as soon as possible.

Updated Mon Feb 27 2017 00:50

@JeroenBoumans, please see the new forum user guide; How can I view topics for only specific categories?


Thanks for this @Rob. My apologies, I wasn’t aware of that feature. :slight_smile:


It is no problem at all, this is why I am producing these guides, as I have seen and suspect there are quite a few features that people aren’t aware of :slight_smile: