Useful FPS assets



Can you figure out what some are from the few pixels some take up? My Classic FPS Game Framework Pack for fast creation of games like Doom, etc., is about at the beta level (I say “about” because it currently won’t package under the latest UE4 version. Epic knows about it: canvas render targets break packaging, and it should be fixed by 4.22; but other than this, it is feature complete and mostly tweaks and bug fixes going on now). When complete, it will be submitted to the Epic Marketplace (I made $300-something this year on assets on the marketplace. But my expenses in software, etc. this year to make the assets are $400 so won’t pay tax on profit for 2018! maybe for 2019…) Here is the screenshot of the overview level I’m currently polishing:

Of course, you can’t see inside the dark room, which is for demo-ing the night-vision goggles, turning lights on, etc. Oh, and yes, that is an escalator on the lower left! And that is Weather you see, though I’m not happy with it: slows down the framerate too much when you stand in the rain/snow. This is the work of about one man-year. I got my FPS start from Testing Grounds in this very course, and leapfrogged from there.


…and, it looks like the packaging bug I mentioned may be fixed now ( as of 10 hours ago. This is in the version 4.22 branch.