Unwanted Rotation

When setting up the timeline, I give position changes to my player rig. After the player reached the position, i gave it a rotation to show a certain scene. But as soon as I apply transform.rotation to the player, it gets applied to the previous time/keyframe

I gave a rotation at the 6th sec…

But the rotation is applied before the 5th sec tooo

Hi Wolphie,

Please check the very first keyframe. If you change the position and the rotation somewhere in the animation, there must be initial position and rotation values set in the first keyframe. If one of the properties you animate are not included in the first keyframe, Unity takes the values it finds in the next keyframe where the values are defined. This can result in very odd movements when the game is running.

Did this help you solve the problem? :slight_smile:

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It did solve the problem.Thank you so much, Nina! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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