Unreal Multiplayer course - '"Presence" For Steam Lobbies' seems broken on GD.tv

This video seems to never load and even makes the ui for navigating between videos break at times.
Is anyone else having this issue with the GameDev site?

I would appreciate it if this would get resolved.

For clarity, the other videos load and respond as you’d expect from the course, but if I find more that are unreachable, I’ll let that be known.

Hey there!
Have you tried using another browser? Is your Internet connectivity speed good?

Oddly enough, it seems the issue is just local to my laptop.
I can’t load that page with either edge or chrome.

But, your comment lead me to look at the page from my desktop.
On my desktop, it’s fine. Not sure what to make of that.
In either case, my internet speed is 250 MB/s.

That’s odd. This means that your laptop has some problem with it. I don’t think there are many who can help you with fixing this problem here, you would need to contact support.

I’m geeing this behaviour on both my Mac laptop (in Safari) and my Windows PC (in Edge).
Just the “‘Presence’ for Steam Lobbies” video and page seems broken. Very odd…

Just checked on Chrome on my Mac: nope. Doesn’t work.
Looks like I’m going to have to skip this lesson :frowning:

I’m getting the same behavior on just this lesson. I’ve tried on 2 different devices and cannot get this lesson to load.

There is a JS error causing the video loading to fail.

For those who can possibly fix it, looks like it’s a double-quote issue. You can see a screenshot here:

For those who are trying to take the course, here is a direct link to the video file:

Same to me, this video doesn’t work in chrome, but works in firefox

Same for me can not load this video

Edit: For anyone else thats here and its not working just view the Git its only 4 lines of code changes.

This is odd. It seems to be working for me. What browser are you using?

I tried as well on Mac with Safari and Chrome, Windows Chrome, and a iPhone. No problems. I wonder if it is a CDN issue? In the picture above you can see the embedded URL and access the video that way. That link even works for me as well. Curious if that is different when it doesn’t work.

Also seeing this, video portion just never shows up
Windows 10 home, 64bit
Chrome Version 86.0.4240.193

Also happening in Firefox v82.0.3 64bit

I don’t know why the streaming wasn’t working for you folks but I’ve fixed the console error you’ve identified. Can someone here check if the streaming now works?

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Looks to be working now, thanks!

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