Unreal Multiplayer course - '"Presence" For Steam Lobbies' seems broken on GD.tv

This video seems to never load and even makes the ui for navigating between videos break at times.
Is anyone else having this issue with the GameDev site?

I would appreciate it if this would get resolved.

For clarity, the other videos load and respond as you’d expect from the course, but if I find more that are unreachable, I’ll let that be known.

Hey there!
Have you tried using another browser? Is your Internet connectivity speed good?

Oddly enough, it seems the issue is just local to my laptop.
I can’t load that page with either edge or chrome.

But, your comment lead me to look at the page from my desktop.
On my desktop, it’s fine. Not sure what to make of that.
In either case, my internet speed is 250 MB/s.

That’s odd. This means that your laptop has some problem with it. I don’t think there are many who can help you with fixing this problem here, you would need to contact support.