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I ´m doing the UE5 MP Course in Cpp and everything when fine but as I can see right now we only use the ue5 mannequin for 2 player. So i got quite curious if there exist an possibility via BP to change the mesh to different skins.
I already gave it a try by using BP_ThirdPersonCharacter and to simply do “Beginplay”->“HasAuthorityBreach”->“true”-> “setskin…” ->“false”-> “setskin…”
The change works but it does not change shows skin 1 for both players on server (listen) and skin 2 for both on client. I´m quite sure about that the problem is that there is no replication and also i should not change anything on client purpose and will need an "server call to any client " Multicast but i don´t know how in BP… Any ideas or short solutions in BP ? YT was not really helpful atm.

I’ve never tried this but it would have to be a replicated property. If you are changing the skins for a client you’d have to let the server know and then from there replicate for other clients. Then you would need to apply the skin when the replicated proopery is received.

This is just a guess however and I can’t be sure but the idea seems reasonable to me. One issue is you just want to replicate the asset name and then find it.

I hope this makes sense. Also this may not be correct so it will need some research. I do know it involves some sort of replication when a player joins to indicate what appearance they are using.

Hi beegeedee,

thanks 4 the fast reply.
As already mentioned I came to the same conclusion as you that I will have to multicast it to all clients.

But I don´t really know how I could achieve this on an fast easy way via BP and not Cpp.
I am an absolut hobbyist beginner when it comes to multiplayer, I could follow this course quite good and also did most challenges but I really don´t get how to set this up as easy as it maybe could be.

Would it be possible to reach out to the instructor for such an question how to get an quickwin via BP?

To be honest when I saw the picture of the course I suggested that this would be part of the course, cause nobody wants to walk in an Coop with the same mesh alongside his mate :slight_smile:

Again many thanks in advance.

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I can ask the question. There’s got to be an easy way to do it.

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