Unreal Engine Lyra

Lyra Starter Game is a new sample gameplay project released with UE5. This starter game is being built alongside Unreal Engine development; it will be a living project that will continue to be upgraded in future releases to demonstrate our latest best practices for making games in UE5. While the feature set being released is just a core base, this game is still intended to be an excellent starting point for game developers to create new projects, as well as a hands-on learning resource

Lyra Starter Game in UE Game Samples - UE Marketplace (unrealengine.com)

Updated the title as it’s misleading (this isn’t a course, but a starter project that can be used to learn stuff).

But yeah, Lyra is cool if you’re interested in how online shooters work. Though there’s some other interesting nuggets as well, I imagine.

If the point of the original title was to ask for a course on this, I’m not sure if it could be turned into one (or the legality of doing so). But regardless I can pass it up.

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Yeah I like a course for it for Lyra is a complex but a best pratice how to do things in unreal engine 5

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