Unread notifications not clearing / GameDev.tv logo behaviour

That’s odd. Why would the body and html having height:100% be a problem for the unread notifications?

Because when height is mucked with, the javascript code that makes up
Discourse cannot detect what is visible on the screen accurately and mark
it read. Just a theory but as you can see disabling the CSS changes also
fixed the problem.

I am not sure what is going on with the forums but I to am having issues running the forums. The Community button is missing. Half the time the change change category buttons and such are missing as well. This just started happening this past week. Definitely, the topics are not clearing like they use to.

But the “unread messages” problem seems to have been fixed. At least for this thread.

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@sampattuzzi I believe this is all fixed now?

Not really @Ben, as Jeff turned off the customisations etc, thus the Community, Voting and so on buttons are not on display at this time - but the original functionality (unread message/background image for forums etc) is working again.

We did have the Community, Voting etc buttons and the other functionality all working together for a while, it looks like it may have only been the most recent of changes which caused them to stop working. You can obviously just turn it back on to get all the buttons back and the other more recent changes, it just means that the unread messages and background image scrolling will go break again. Jeff was really just testing a theory he had regarding the customisation hence it being turned off, now that it points to that you could turn it back on and you know what the issue is - it just needs fixing :slight_smile:

Should be for all threads at this time @Todd_Vance :slight_smile:

Okay, I will have to think of another way to implement that type of menu.

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I’ve not seen this issue for a while, can you guys confirm this issues has gone away for you too?

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This issue appears to be resolved. :slight_smile:

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