Unity script reassembly

Does anyone know how to limit the reassembly times and screens when switching from vscode to Unity.

I see that Rick does not get as many pop up screens from game mode, scene view and switching from vs code back to unity. If anyone can shed some light on this would make the process run a lot smoothly to follow along the course without waiting everytime i switch tabs. thanks guys

Hi Baz,

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Have you already looked for “Unity compile time slow” or something like that on the internet? I found this video: Speed Up Compile Times in Unity with Assembly Definitions - YouTube

And this video was recommended on reddit: Why is unity so slow! - YouTube

I hope this helped. If not, please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for further advice over on our Discord chat server.

See also:

Thankyou Nina for the support i will look into Assembly definitions more its more the pop up windows everytime i switch between windows which will im sure be related to compile times

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