Unity Render Issues in runtime

My Unity project is built using the Universal Render Pipeline (URP). Not sure if that’s part of the problem. First, the problem. When I am in regular edit mode, everything is sexy and beautiful. When I run the game, or render it to video, the trees jump between red, purple, and green. Just the bark texture. Leaves are fine.

You can see in the screenshot – but as you fly through the game, trees transform into the bad colors, then transform back to the normal colors. The error sweeps along the trees as you fly past them. Like it’s related to lighting, shadows, or something like that.

You may need to zoom in to see the various artifacts.

So … when I created this game, I used the default render engine. But some of the assets I imported from Unity were not working. I switched the game to URP and those graphics started working. Those graphics were these same trees.

I’m annoyed because my space ship required the standard render engine while the trees required the URP. There’s clearly a lot I don’t understand about these different rendering pipelines. I was able to get the space ship working. But now I have this remaining issue with the trees.

Frankly, since these trees were part of an official Unity package, I’m really amazed they have issues like this. Makes we want to trash this project and start from scratch. It’s feeling like a rabbit hole of glitches.

Any insights into render engine pipelines and what to look at for this would be appreciated. Mostly because I like to solve problems and learn from them.


Some things work in one render engine and not the other. Sometimes the automatic conversion from built-in to URP works, sometimes it doesn’t (especially if a custom shader is used). Sometimes you can fix it by hand (I have done that for some things), sometimes that would be really complex. Officially, Unity says always use URP now, but the fact is, lots of older assets only work with built-in. Companies like Synty often provide built-in assets but give something you can click to auto-upgrade to URP (not Unity’s default auto-updater).

I’m wondering in your case if some textures got swapped: maybe a normal texture is being used as a diffuse/albedo texture. If you know enough about editing materials, you might fix it by hand.

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