Unity or Unreal?

Im makin a turn based game with tiles, is it better to use Unity or Unreal for a project like this. It will have ~200 different characters and a lot of art.

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Both engines should be able to do it just fine.

Which engine do you have more experience with?

Which language do you prefer or know better? C++ or C#?

Are you looking to play your game on smartphones or tablets?

If you answered Unity/C# or Yes, go with Unity.
From what I’ve seen and read, Unity is a lot better at building for other platforms, such as iOS/Android, Smart TVs, Consoles, etc.

If you know Unreal and C++, or prefer to use them, and are not as interested in building for other platforms, or willing to jump through hoops to do so, go with Unreal.

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This post may help: Unity vs Unreal

This relates a lot to me as I’m interested in building various turn-based game with tiles as the focus in a similar style to Disgaea, Phantom Blade, XCOM and various miniatures games. Eitherway, this is VERY helpful :slight_smile:


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