Unity Multiplayer for Mobile

Hi, I would like to make a mobile multiplayer prototype. I started following the Unity multiplayer course and I am thankful for the theory and the things I am learning.

However, before I get too invested in the course I’d like to know the following: Is it possible to use Mirror to create an online multiplayer prototype for mobile? Would the process be much different from what is shown in the course?

Thank you!

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Hi there!
It is possible to make a multiplayer mobile game using Mirror. However, the course uses Steam as it’s multiplayer/store platform which is not available on mobile. You would need to use another service to host the game and facilitate the connection between users.
That being said, the Steam integration is only the last couple lectures, so if you are interested in learning Mirror, then you can use this course to learn Mirror and the multiplayer basics, then later figure out how to integrate it into a another relay system. (A relay system facilitates peer to peer connections.) GameDev.tv also has a mobile course to learn about building your game for mobile platforms.

Hope that answers your question, let me know if I can help you futher!

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I really appreciate you guys replying so quick and thouroghly, thank you! I guess this answer the question for now. I’ll cover the basics of the course and if I come up with some other question I’ll ask. Cheers!


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