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I cant seem to find the network transform component, im using the same version as the guy so im not sure why this is happening. I clicked on the tank treads object and searched ‘Network Transform’ after pressing add component but it didn’t appear, could anyone help me?

Hi there,
The first thing is to check that all your packages are installed correctly. Perhaps share a screen shot of your package manager so I can confirm?

im not sure what package manager is but here’s a screen shot of my unity

You would have had to use the package manager when you installed the Netcode for GameObjects package, which is the package that contains the netcode including the network transform component. So if you aren’t sure, go back to the lecture where the packages are installed.

on the top of your Unity application, there’s a drop down menu called ‘Window’. Press on that, and choose ‘Package Manager’

here’s a screenshot of my package manager but I never used it to install the tank assets package, I just dragged the folder in.


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Yes, so you will need to use the package manager to install the packages for this course. This is covered in lecture 4 “Installation and Setup”.

thanks I will make sure to do that

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