Unhappy with this course

I’m really disappointed with this course explanation, I feel more than any other course I’ve done through gamedev.tv that this is a copy paste course that is rushing through the content and not explaining it. I’ve confidently recommended the previous course to multiple people however this leaves me so far after 18 parts with little to no confidence on how to do networking. I may be jumping the gun here only a third of the way through the course but would like to know if I am alone in this feeling?


Hi Louis, sorry to hear that. This course is a little different format than the other unity courses. It first covers the basics you will need to know for networking, and then the rest of the course is spent re-enforcing these topics with examples. The best way to learn from this course will be to refer back to that first section. As you see the many different ways to implement networking behaviour it should become more clear. I would recommend going a little further along in the course and giving it a chance. Your feedback is appreciated.

I would definitely agree with this course feeling a lot more of a copy paste job.

I think that there is a very little emphasis on the WHY certain things are done, from a software architecture / game design perspective, and it is pretty much exclusively on the HOW - with a super tight coupling on the Mirror library in particular.

I feel that this course could be brought up to some of the other GameDevTV course standards with a bit more of explanations on why certain things are being assigned to Unit class, or UnitCommandGiver class, etc.


Hi, thanks for your feedback on the style of this course. It is appreciated and will be taken into consideration.

I am tending to agree with @Louis_Hayes and @HypedOnCoffee
I first thought it was just me that was experiencing displeasure

agreed, while I am not unhappy, many times I find myself asking :thinking: why :thinking: do we make another script for this, and why is it called in this fasion… but its not a software architecture course so :man_shrugging: this one requires alot more outside learning.

e.g., assignining methods to a delegate (action). += thats wierd imo had to look up multicasting :thinking:

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