When i click on Play, Unreal engine crash with this error

Some plugins sometimes at random also causes such crash.

You may would like to check for this.

For knowing the exact reason try to build your project in C++ and check in the output window.

Check that you aren’t trying to dereference a null pointer on line 54 of Mover.cpp. Willing to bet that’s what’s causing this crash.


I think, I had the same error, it was caused because tick wanted to call this method before the pointer was filled.

I’ve put in the TriggerComponent.cpp in the tick function a Mover nullpointer check around the SetShouldMove functions, and it solved the issue.

Hey man, I think I know your problem since I’ve gotten the same exact crash dozens of times.

I wrote a post on it, see here Important note for learners before going on

Good luck.

I get this same error to the Mover* being nullptr. I’ve tried several things to get the ShouldMove variable to be set to something, but fail to do so. I’m guessing I’m missing saving the pointer and it’s falling out of scope, but at wits end trying to solve this.

I had the same problem.
I added an if statement to check that the Mover isn’t null and it works now.
Still not sure why it didn’t work before since it should be adding the Mover on BeginPlay.

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