Unable to spawn unit due to DragBox "blocking" the rays

First off: Great course. It holds your hand a bit much (I.E. not pushing me too at all) following along with a few pauses at 1.25 speed seems to work for me :slight_smile:

The issue referenced in:

Is still not addressed in video,.
This forces anyone taking the lecture to be confused and think they’ve done something wrong, look through parts of, if now all of, the video again if they’re not lucky to look though the comments and find the answer.

I hope that you’ll do a small cut mentioning how to solve this issue in an appropriate time.

Solution: Canvas -> Graphics Raycaster -> Remove Component


Hi there, thanks for your feedback and for bringing that unresolved graphics raycaster bug to our attention. It’s being looked into, and I appreciate you taking the time to post about it.

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Thanks for the solution! This spared me from having to rewatch the lecture to see if I missed anything

I now noticed that this is addressed in the next lecture (Unique Video Reference: 10_RT_UYM) at 9:15 ish.
Meaning that if you actually test your project at all (something you really, really should do), you have problem.
If you just continue on and hope for the best, you get the answer to this issue…

Also: I did not have issues “sometimes”, I had issues 100% of the time, meaning basically nothing worked.

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