Unable to select objects via mouse

So this is a weird issue; I’m unable to click to select objects in the Scene view. Even more odd, some objects are exceptions. I can click to select any of the text boxes (on the Win and Lose scenes, for instance), but I can’t select any bricks, or paddle, etc. I can drag to multi-select, but that’s a rather annoying thing to have to do.

Searching for this in general Unity forums turns up a bug with a water handler, and I can safely say we’re not using water here. Has anyone else had this issue?

I’ve already tried the most obvious stuff:

Closing and opening the Scene window
Closing and restarting Unity
Opening a different project and then returning
Rebooting the computer

Hoping someone can help, or moving forward will get really annoying :frowning:

I found a temporary workaround: Every click, no matter where, would select the Level Manager object. I tossed that into a newly-named layer with nothing else, and made it invisible. That solved the issue for now… but it’s still quite odd that it was happening in the first place.

annoyingly, some unity objects in the scene “steal” clicks from others, often things like the background. The only solution I’ve found was to click in the Hierarchy.

I’m having the same issue. Currently working through Block Breaker tutorial and an unable to click any of the block objects or the paddle or the ball. Every time I try to click on one it select the Scene Loader script in the hierarchy. I reduced the size of the Scene Loader object to get it out of the way and that partially worked, however now when I try to click on a brick it select the Game Canvas from the hierarchy. So it seems these are in the way. I tried moving the ball, paddle, and blocks up above Game Canvas and Scene Loader in the hierarchy and that does not work. I’ve moved Game Canvas and Scene Loader to different layers and that does not work. If I turn off the Game Canvas and Scene Loader in the Inspector then it works, I’m able to click the objects. If there is another option other than turning off in the inspector, let me know.

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