"Unable to open 'OnlineSessionInterfaceNull.cpp" - UE 5.0.3 Solution

I was bashing my head against this issue for a while and finally found the solution in another forum post.

Turns out the debug configurations in ‘launch.json’ don’t properly escape backslash characters. After fixing this, I can now successfully debug engine code. Woohoo!

			"name": "Launch PuzzlePlatformsEditor (DebugGame)",
			"request": "launch",
			"program": "C:\\Program Files\\Epic Games\\UE_5.0\\Engine\\Binaries\\Win64\\UnrealEditor-Win64-DebugGame.exe",
			"preLaunchTask": "PuzzlePlatformsEditor Win64 DebugGame Build",
			"args": [
			"cwd": "C:\\Program Files\\Epic Games\\UE_5.0",
			"stopAtEntry": false,
			"console": "externalTerminal",
			"type": "cppvsdbg",
			"visualizerFile": "C:\\Program Files\\Epic Games\\UE_5.0\\Engine\\Extras\\VisualStudioDebugging\\Unreal.natvis",
			"sourceFileMap": {
				"D:\\build\\++UE5\\Sync": "C:\\Program Files\\Epic Games\\UE_5.0"
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