Unable to find lobby sessions in Steam

UI’m fully stuck now. Following the course to the detail, I find myself unable to find sessions in Steam. It seems to find lobbies, but even increasing the max results to 1000 doesn’t seem to render any results. Checking the logs it seems to give up after 50 results regardless of what I indicate in the max results parameter. Doesn anyone know how to do it to pass that?
I’m running the game in two separate computers with two different steam accounts.

Nevermind, I managed to make it work by changing the Download area of both accounts to a zone that should be in the middle of the night at the time of testing, like Japan.

Interesting. So it seems like there were just too many other games and yours weren’t seeing each other? This is a bit of an annoying bug in the steam OSS. But can be fixed if you apply for your own game ID.

Seems like that’s the case, the shared game id is being “abused”

Maybe our course made it too popular.

I’d put my money into that as well

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