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UE4 Documentation strikes again …

From what I can determine from the timings of the Log messages is - When the code is executed on the server there are a lot of other stuff going on between the constructor() and init() but when executed on the clientside the Init() comes immediately after the constructor().

I am using UE 4.26.2. I never got the Init() Log message not being displayed. I always had both log messages displayed in the output temp logfile. Either as running in PIE as standalone or as a multiplayer session.

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Is that part of the MP course, the timing between the two functions? :slight_smile:

The timing all depends on how the code is executed. Even if there’s a ton of stuff, the gap can be shortened by using threads when possible. The code then starts a thread and moves on. That allows it to do stuff while moving on to other functions.

The hardware today has more than ever and we use them to do more in less time. But sometimes things can’t be easily threaded because of timing.

I tried to search in the documentation too but the most i could find was this:

No functions reference or any clue about the class. It would be cool to know another place to back up for the times when the documentation becomes unstable like now.

After a bit more of research i found it. Link here UGameInstance | Unreal Engine Documentation
I was looking at the constructor page instead of the whole class page (I don’t know why they have in two separate places to be honest).

This had happened to me before and I have just realise that to be sure, the trick is to check the hierarchy:

Hopefully this help someone.

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I’ll flag it up for getting updated. Thanks for the help in sourcing the link. Apologies for not solving this.