UE5 Vehicle BP to C++ template

There is a Vehicle template. Its Blueprint but when you open the project, go to Window β†’ Add New C++, I chose to add a "Your Game"GameMode.h from GameModeBase.h. It then generated all the necessary c++ files you expect in any new c++ project. There is some cool Chaos system stuff going on, but that should be good to replicate in code when you want to use the vehicles in the template.

Use the provided project. The templates in UE5 are not compatible with the course content so we extracted the necessary assets from UE4

Actually it is. I am using it just fine. I only use the Skeletal Mesh’s. works the same way as this course is run. The only real difference would be to use the Chaos vehicle pawn instead of the Pawn. I am using the normal Pawn btw.

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Noticed a typo. Meant templates in ue4 not comtible with ue5. They use a pawn that was removed in ue5. This was why we provided the assets packaged up as while the ue4 template was used, only the map and mesh were actually used.

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