UE5 - PuzzlePlatforms; third person character not created on project creation

I’ve made it about half way through the “Puzzle Platforms - Connecting Players” lectures before I realized that when I created my project in the “Connecting Two Players” lecture, in UE5, it does not create the third person character, as it did in the lecture recording on an earlier UE version. I do have a PlayerStart but no character to select in order to modify the jump properties in the “Set Up A Simple Puzzle” lecture.

I have configured the multiplayer options to include 2 players and this works. When I play the level, my character appears. So everything is working except that I don’t have a character to select in the edit mode.

I have also tried breaking out of the play and selecting the character and I can see all the jump properties but of course they are all read-only at that point.

Did I miss something in the past lectures? Or is this a UE5 difference? How should I proceed?


You won’t find the player in the level at all. The normal way is for the player to be spawned on start and the character/pawn being used is specified in the GameMode Blueprint.

The character Blueprint is located in ThirdPerson > Blueprints and is called BP_ThirdPersonCharacter

Thank you. This works for me. I believe this is a deviation with UE5 from the version that Sam is using in the lecture video. At the 2 minute mark, Sam selects the character in the editor and then clicks the open blueprint button. For UE5 users, the character is not in the editor to select, but the character blueprint can be opened by going through the Content Drawer as described by @beegeedee .

This is exactly the same in UE4. The player start hasn’t changed and v5 is based on v4.27.

It is possible, I cannot remember for sure, that at some point Sam could have dragged a player into the level. I would have to check this.

The changes in UE5 in terms of the editor are mostly cosmetic and works in the same way as UE4 so the player is defined in the game mode and player start is used to tell unreal where to spawn them.

I hope this clarifies things.

EDIT: I reviewed the video and I see what you mean. I suspect the template was updated in later versions. What you see in UE5 is the same as UE4.25 at least, and later.

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