UE5.1 physics revisiting

Hey, guys.

I have read the threads about physics falling asleep. I am refering to this thread particularily Using this course in Unreal Engine 5 doesn't work - #6 by Zombieman4
I have tried to do the blueprint fix of this thread however my blueprint nodes used in this thread are all missing.

What do I do?

In particularily “On component sleep” is missing and “wake rigid body” also missing. I’m new to Unreal, could you let me know what am I doing wrong.

You wont be able to do this from within the level blueprint, you need to convert the ball to a blueprint and make the changes in there. Process is outlined in that thread you linked.

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ah! I see ok! thanks a lot for replying, Tomo! this is invaluable info to me, as I was getting a bit stuck! Cheers

Hey, Tuomo.

I have created a blueprint class for the ball, however my ball falls through the floor and when I end game I get an error message:
Invalid Simulate Options: Body (KatGoldSphereBlueprint2.StaticMeshComponent0 Shape_Sphere) is set to simulate physics but Collision Enabled is incompatible.

My Collision Presets set to Default.

Set it to PhysicsBody (or something similar to that name, currently away from the computer)

Hey, I have done so. However the ball is still falling through the maze.
I made the same maze in Unreal 4.27 and having the same issue.
I made it in Unreal 5.1 and having the same issue.
If I make just a basic cube floor (from the content browser) then the ball doesn’t fall through it and I tried it in both Unreal 5.1 and 4.27.
I have been stuck on this for a really long time now, and I appreciate the help.
My collisions in all cases are set Ball: PhysicsActor and the Maze to BlockAllDynamic. (so it says on Udemy and in the course questions on GameDev, however I have blindly tried a bunch of other collisions and none of them seemed to work)
I went to the maze mesh actor and tried a bunch of collisions in the collision menu.
With “ConvertBoxesToConvex” ball still falls through, and with “BoxSimplifiedCollision” the ball dissapears immediately after I start playing and I see it falling underneath when I move the maze (probably the simplified box is too big?).
I have reinstalled both Unreal 5.1. and 4.27 and that didn’t seem to help.
What can I do?
I appreciate the help! THANKS A LOT! ^ _ ^

I’d double-check your collision settings and setup for the static mesh that makes up the maze. To help, you can download the master project for the course on our Github page to compare with (keep in mind that you’ll need to update these to 4.27 or 5.X, but they’ll still work)

Amazing! Thanks, Tuomo! Just need to figure out why it works XD

Hey, Tuomo.
Thanks for all your help so far!
A question, why the rotation and events for the maze we build in the level blueprint, however the ball needs to be converted into their own blueprint class to do wake events… How do you decide what to convert into their own bp class and what to just reference in the blueprint?

Another thing, once the mesh brush has been converted to mesh geometry, it is not possible to subtract another mesh from that geometry? So if for some reason you wanted to go back to edit your maze or make more holes in it, you can’t?

Correct, once you convert a BSP to a static mesh you cannot revert back. Making any changes would involve exporting the static mesh to 3D modelling software (like Blender or Maya) or starting from scratch.

As for your prior question. Technically you don’t need to convert the ball into a Blueprint first, the student-provided solution does that but it’s not the only way. See below code, added to Begin Play in the level blueprint.

While this code works, it gets clunky if you have multiple levels or wanted to setup multiple balls.

As for when to use a blueprint or not… The big advantage to using blueprints is that they’re reusable in multiple levels without having to rewrite code, or if you want to have multiple of the same object with the same functionality in your level.