Turret mesh keeps disappearing

For some unknown reason, the mesh assigned to the turret keeps disappearing once every few times I compile.

I’ve had this problem before with the barrel, that happened because I forgot to assign the barrel reference in blueprint. So now I’ve made sure that is hooked up correctly, and I have no idea whats going on.

Anyone else encountered this?

It’s an engine bug. In the blueprint’s construction script just set the static mesh there.

Yeah I am struggeling with the same issue. After some research I found that it could mean that we have a “Circular Reference” in the Blueprint. But I have no clue what that means. I know circular dependencies in code, but never heard of that one…
Also, if you are losing things like the projectile reference, you need to write a seperate function to set it up. this can’t be done by default in the construction script (or I missed something…)

Make it a UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite)

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Upon making the projectile BlueprintReadWrite it needs to be public. However when I do as you suggest @DanM it disappears from the details panel in the Aiming Component blueprint so I can not set it.

While that is annoying you’re going to be setting it up in the construction script so you don’t need to see the details panel.

Drag it out into the graph and then set it as you would any other blueprint variable.


you only need to do the turret and barrel mesh at this point in the course maybe.

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