Trying to figure out Dialogue shorthand

So Essentially I followed this tutorial so far, and I think I am getting quite a lot of it.

I had a question tho:
Say I wanted to do as was suggested at the end of the “choosing a node lecture” and wanted my choices to be shorthand (angry, insult, compliment, etc.) with the actual dialogue being displayed after (so “you’re ugly” for the insult option, for instance), how would I go about doing that?

Currently it just displays the text of the choice itself, so I am thinking that maybe I need to make the nodes a “shorthand” and “long text” sections instead of the one text, or is there a simpler way than that?

So are you thinking something like this?

In this case, I simply linked a new node to the “shorthand” node and checked the Is Player Speaking box.
That node contained the long text sections.

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