Try my block breaker + canvas bug [solved]

Hello Everyone!

I have finished the game a few days ago, tested it with some of my friends and it went great! (aside that no one can beat it… ^^ )

Please check it out, here is the link:

I have recieved some feedback and even user stories, tried to implement them but for some reason i can not get past some basic things.

What i want to achieve:

  • Life system
    Either by doing it as the music player and making it like a singleton or by letting the levelmanager check the life object before the lose screen is called. The programming part is not that hard, however i can not get text on my level scene. I tried taking the Canvas and the title from the start screen but it wont go above the background image. Tried manipulating the Z position too but did not help.

I have the same problem with the smoke too!

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Hey @Peter_Mehlmann, nice game you have over there.

The canvas render mode might be on the Camera mode and on a z position behing the background, or even on a Sorting layer below the backgroud. You can set the Camera Render mode to Overflow, it should fix it (althought everything from the canvas will be on top of the other GameObjects). If this don’t fix it, you can send us some screenshots of both the canvas and background inspectors.

By the way, aways try to improve the games from the classes as you are doing on this one, we learn a lot from it!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH @Joao_Dalvi it was just as you suggested!!!

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You are welcome buddy =)

Loved this great effort. I am being inspired by all these great versions…

Note on game : For me at least, the paddle is exceeding the boundaries, I think you made the paddle larger. May want to change the math.F clamp part in the paddle script… As I say it may just be my screen res?

Thank you so much! Did you manage to beat the game? :slight_smile:

You are absolutely right, that was a mistace on my part, i did expand the paddle but left the script as it is. Will fix it asap and give an update!

Honestly no, this is no critique on your game, just that I really suck at block breaker… :slight_smile:

I got to the last couple of the second level about 5 times, but never got any further. I added a level menu to my game, not out of design genius, simply because I would never get to play past level one…

I enjoyed the multiple failures though.

I have updated the game, should be good now! Also implemented a cheat code, if you put in a certain word, the autoplay will start! :smiley:

Here is how you can do it too!

Oh mate that’s fantastic. I will get on that when I get home and let you know :smile:

I played your game. Its nicely decorated. Love the sound effects. It be great if you could add some lives

Thank you so much for taking the time to try it out! I have tried to come up with something for a LifeManager but nothing good so far. Will keep this topic updated once i finally make it work!