Trouble Exporting FBX in Blender

I’m very new at the game creation but am trying to learn by making something for a friend. I’ve made a simple game character with a walking animation but doesn’t export properly as an FBX. Whenever I load the exported model + animated armature FBX it loads wrong.

I start with my model…

I select all the pieces of my model selecting the armature last…

Then I click export FBX with these settings…


However when I import it into a blank Blender project with these settings…

It turns out looking like this with no animations.

The textures are wonky because the face and ears are texture painted, however I’m more worried that the animation isn’t importing. The other thing is when I export the armature only it exports perfectly with animations. What am I doing wrong?

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Game engines and Blender are different tools.
And with different implementations of how they do things.

There is NO one-to-one copy of data.

The are some discussions in the past on this subject. Search the ASK section.

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This might help. Last section is about animation. Assuming you want it for some game engine thing.

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