Trouble debugging


For some reason recently I have noticed that when I do run > start debugging I get this error

(The same thing happens when I press F5)

I haven’t tried messing with the files yet since I thought there might be a simpler solution

Thank you

What antivirus do you use? If you navigate to that path in file explorer is it present?

Hello Tuomo,

I followed the file path as you suggested and got this far
Screenshot 2023-03-12 1729358
As you can see the mingw32-make.exe is not present however there is the i686-w6f-mingw32 which sounds similar.

Also I don’t know which antivirus I use.

Thank you

You’re not quite all the way, take a look in the bin folder.

If you don’t know your antivirus, it’s most likely Windows Defender. Also known as Windows Security. But take a look in that bin folder first.

Hello again,

In the bin folder I found this:

None are the same, but similar.

I also searched my entire Laptop and found these:

They are the same, but a different folder.

Thank you

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