Tips for adapting to 2.8 from 2.79?

I’ve just started playing with 2.8, and discovered there are some significant differences from 2.79. Mostly these are UI issues, where something I used frequently has gotten buried in a new menu somewhere. I’m compiling a list of roadblocks and solutions I’ve hit while trying to adapt to 2.8.

I know it’s terribly impractical to list every single change here, but I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned so far. This might be most helpful for people like me who made it through the end of the Complete Blender Creator course in 2.79 and are now delving into 2.8 (which is to say, familiar with Blender but by no means an expert). If you have any helpful tips to share I’d love to hear them!

Here some things I’ve run into so far:

  • User Preferences has been moved. You can now access this either from the Edit menu (at the top of the window) or from the Editor Type dropdown button’s menu (this button is on the third row of items at the top of the window and looks kindof like a picnic table in profile).
  • The Object Mode Toolbar has changed. In 2.79, pressing T in object mode brought up a toolbar window with Tabs containing features like Smooth vs Flat shading; a tab for layer naming, etc. In 2.8, the Object Mode Tools tab is now found in a dropdown menu labeled “Object” (third row from the top). This made me sad because I use the Object Mode Tool tab a lot. But I found a workaround with “Favorites” (see next item).
  • Use the “add to Favorites” function to restore fast access to items now buried in the UI. Right-click on any menu item to bring up the option to add that menu item to your Favorites. Then press Q to bring up a dropdown menu in the window that lets you access this list of favorites. This saves someon on mousing around since the dropdown appears right underneath your mouse cursor. Also, it’s context-dependent, so you get a different dropdown depending on the mode (Object Mode, Edit Mode, etc.) that you are in.
  • Fly/Walk mode are no longer hotkeyed. You can go into Preferences to change/add a hotkey combo (I didn’t do this because of the huge profusion of existing hotkeys; I didn’t know what I might break). I just added Fly/Walk to my Object Mode’s Favorites dropdown.
  • I can’t find Add Vertex. I believe this was an add-on in 2.79 (can’t quite recall)? Does anyone know how to get this back in 2.8?
  • I can’t find layer naming. This used to be a tab in the Object Mode toolbar, but I’ve no idea where this resides now.

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