TIP: Shape Keys (Blender) > Morph Targets (Unreal 4.15)

I am not sure if I should have this in the Blender section or the Unreal section, but I will put it here since it might catch more eyes. (( Feel free to move this to Unreal section if it is more suiting. Not sure if this is an issue with other programs other than Blender. ))


So I am currently trying to play around with a character creation screen and thought I’d fiddle with Morph Targets (make nose longer, chubby cheeks, etc). But when trying to access them in Unreal, it wasn’t working.

The solution to this is to Import the .FBX file, Check Skeletal Mesh, and Check Import Morph Targets. Then you can check the Mesh that was imported if morphs showed up or not. If not, drag the .FBX file directly into the Content Browser of Unreal. It should fix it then.

You might need to export as .FBX version 6.1 vs 7.4 though.


Hope that helps if anyone has an issue~

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