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Hey all,

If (like me) you are a bit struggling with GIMP’s rather bizarre interface/feel - there are different free online alternatives. I found Pixlr Editor by Autodesk to be well suited for the job. It all works nicely through a web-interface.

There are also other alternatives like Sumo Paint, or you can get a whole list by searching “browser based photo editing” in Google. Just keep in mind that these are proprietary services as oppose to the open source GIMP. It is still free, but something to bear in mind.

I hope this helps!


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Another alternative is Photoshop.
You can do a 30 day free trial, and then if you want to stick with it, you can get a Creative Cloud subscription.
If you only get the Photoshop/Lightroom subscription, its like 10 bucks a month.

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Yeah you can get Lightroom and Photoshop for 10 bucks a month. Not sure why Ben skipped over that in the video since it was right there on his screen :slight_smile: Its a hell of a deal for such a great software package. There is a reason it is Industry Standard.

hi guys, I just use paint.net very very simple and easy but good enough for the job

gimp is more like a photoshop clone, more complex and difficult to use

In my opinion Gimp is to photoshop as what Blender is to Maya. It’s a free version of a industry standard that is just as powerful if properly learned. Though the 10 dollar a month subscription fee for photoshop is a good suggestion for those who don’t want to pay for the one time download software, you have to remember you’re not paying the software off, once you stop paying the subscription you lose the software AND if you use it plenty, you can end up over paying and still not “owning” it. So personally I’d stay away from the subscription thing, I’d either learn Gimp or one of the free editing programs OR just save up the cash and buy photoshop in full.


krita is worth checking out, https://krita.org/en/

its free and it has a poprtable version.

though its focus is more painting and drawing and some image edditing.
i like it a lot, but for batch processing, selecting and editing a large amount of files i still use photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Elements is about £45, and covers most non-professional requirements more than adequately.

When I first started using GIMP, 15 years ago or so?, I found it to be a stroll in the park, assuming the park is up the side of Mount Everest. But with patience, I found the effort expended to learn it paid off. It’s better than almost anything you don’t have to pay for (and many things you do). Photoshop (full version that you have to subscribe to) has both advantages and disadvantages vice GIMP and is not a clear winner either (if money’s no object, recommend to have and learn both).

Their are some things I like about gimp the first being the ability to set the background transparency and/or cut it out using points - I think that’s great, but, that’s about where it ends. It’s just not at all intuitive to use. And for text effects I just couldn’t do anything with it and I really needed that type of functionality with Number Wizard :disappointed:. I was hoping GIMP would solve all my graphical need but for me it didn’t.

I will look look into the product you mentioned it may become another in a suite of applications I use for graphics!


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