This Week in the Unity Forums (Jun 13 / Jun 19, 2021)

Hello fellow students!

I decided to start a top 10 topics thread, I’ll be doing this on a weekly basis if I see a good response from the community, hope you guys enjoy it!

This passing week I saw a lot of amazing work from all of you, from questions, solutions, screenshots, and completed projects! The following 10 truly stood up by taking things to another level. Be sure to check them out and leave your feedback.

Thanks all for sharing your amazing work, it’s really inspiring to see all of you putting in all the effort.

|| From the Team: ||

Sam “The Code Wizard” Pattuzzi :sam:, ask all of those that are taking, or took, the RPG courses how you plan to expand on them.

Don’t forget to check the latest podcast episode hosted by our very own Student Evangelist, Kevin-Brandon Joseph:

This week’s Blender Collab theme: Neon. Go and check out the amazing entries! Don’t forget you can join regardless of experience!

This is all for today! Happy “deving”!


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