How Will You Extend Your RPG?

I would love to know how you are going to take your RPG further. Share your plans in the discussions below.


I’m going to create a Paper Mario style type of game, so I’ll have to change a lot of things like movement and combat system, but the inventory, dialogue, and stores are a great addition.

I’m currently redesigning a lot of the systems, like dialogue, to include animated text and another type of flare. Also working on the art, it will be 2D sprites in a 3D environment, here’s a sneak peek of one of the main characters and its design evolution.

Thanks for the amazing courses, Sam :smiley:

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This is going to be great. Flare is definitely something we had to sacrifice to the gods of scope.

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I bought a load of assets from Synty and a few other assets from other devs / artists as well.

I’ve made a respawn system and some more custom AI behaviour. Enemies can wander around in a certain area and will just pick a random spot, wait (time can be randomized) and then pick another spot to wander to. I’ve taken these courses as the building blocks for what my game will eventually become and I’m really excited about finishing it some day haha.

I’ve implemented more things but I don’t want to take up the entire page.

Thank you very much for the awesome courses, I learned a lot!

I’ve picked up the Blender courses as well in the hopes that I might be able to create my own art for this RPG and future projects


I purchased a lot of assets for this project as well, including the services of a Designer…
I look forward to building the necessary things to do list for my designer…
Unfortunately I have not had a lot of success getting any list from the creator of the class.

Great class full of a lot of mechanics, good starting point…

I would benefit a GREAT deal from others who understood how this works, if they were willing to share.

I stumbled through this the best that i could watched many many videos more than 3 or 4 times…
still not a good teaching style for me. to incomplete regarding what the designer should do…
Programming side NO PROBLEM
Designer side – Please anyone who could help me with list of things to do as a designer.

Soon – I will produce a list of what features that I know we produced.
Does anyone have a list like that? would you share?

If you are interested in the Excel progression let me know… I can email you what i have now, and together we can tune it for what we created in this series.

Thanks in advance for any list of things to do for my designer (we built a lot here, so I know this will be a large list)

PS: being a VBA master, that Excel workbook already outputs YAML for the asset file and can be tweaked to what ever enums that you use.

It also allows for instant graph viewing as you tweak the progression curve… Live update…


The design went a bit past the interest of most of our students so we stuck to more programming heavy instruction. I will loop in @Rick_Davidson incase he has any resources he can share.