This is way harder than I was expecting

Some progress on the anime character from the new Blender Anime Character course. I spent like 30 minutes on the ears for them to look awful, hoping the hair can cover some of those nasty, nasty details.


Yes ears are awkward. I played with ears to show someone recently.

Probably too real human for anime aliens.

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Yeah, a little too realistic for anime characters and I think those ears have way more tris than the whole head of my model :sweat_smile:

I did something wrong, I don’t know what I did, but all my ears’ topology is off, there are triangles all over when there shouldn’t be any, and faces inside the ear, I have no idea how I extruded that but it caused a mess… agh… I’ll have to restart the ear… This is why I hate/love modeling, is so satisfying when it looks the way I want, but the slightest mistake costs hours of work.