Third Person Player & Multi-camera Switch?

Is it possible to create a multiplayer game where a player can change from the Third Person/First Person camera to an In-game camera? So, a player could address a camera, then switch to third person camera to move to another part of the scene, and maybe switch to a “surveillance” camera and then back to first person.

This game would be designed more for live-streaming like a podcast or vtubing.

Hi and welcome to the community.

I’m sure you could do this. The cameras have nothing to do with the multiplayer aspect of a game and you can definitely have many cameras and switch between them. As long as the rest of the game is synchronised via multiplayer mechanisms, the cameras are just showing a different point of view within the world/level.

Any suggestions for how to set up that action mapping and blueprint so I could just use the number keys to switch from one to the other and so forth?

Sorry, I don’t Although I can’t imagine it being that difficult considering many games work or rather have functionality like this.