There was a "post your workspace photo" thread somewhere

and this image will fit that and fit “Blender Showcase” at the same time, because…I built my workspace!

The background of the smaller monitor on the right is the real workspace so you can compare it with the “fantasy” version populated with items created while taking this Blender course.

Note, the “renderer” in this case is Unreal Engine 4: I only made the props in Blender, then exported to .fbx and imported to UE4, set up lighting, materials, etc., and took a high-res snapshot.

If you look carefully, you will see previous versions of this work in the “hall of mirrors” effect with the left, larger monitor. Though the “emissive texture” washed that out a bit.

edit: [ [still] yet ] a[nother] later version … again
Yet another edit (1/21/2017): I redid it, again.


Very nicely done, with alot of thought behind it :slight_smile:

I really like this @Todd_Vance, nicely done, like the references to the chess set and the bowling pin too :slight_smile:

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