There is no longer an Example Code Section in


I’ve tried searching Google and the unreal documentation for the example code that is referenced at 2 minutes in the video. The page has changed and there is no example code.

This is the new link that the the link in the video redirected to:

It’s almost identical but now example code. Is there a better place to find this information?

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I found this and used this signature as I couldn’t find the example on the UE docs as well.

Actually -

This leads me to wonder about best practices for current versions of the platform (as others have asked and not really been answered) Is there a ‘current’ recommended way to do this task (move a platform and register trigger collider events) that is different than the current described way? The changes in documentation lead me to think there is…

No, there are and always have been many ways to achieve this. I think the changes to the Unreal documentation are without rhyme or reason. They are notoriously bad with their C++ documentation.