The WolfSoul | Legendary Edition



Looking really great, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.


Really much thanks for that.


Hey everyone,

It has been sometime since my last update so let me quick tell what is going on so far.

I have been working on this game for quite sometime but due my Unreal Engine Knowledge I decided to structure everything out and set it up in Unreal Engine with the use of the gamesparks networking solution.

It makes me able to setup a player base for a bigger amount of players who can all instantly start playing from the first build.

So from there I needed to get things going and setted up a game launcher, login system, character creation system and brought in 2 new characters to the project.

But thats not all.

Thanks for some handy plugins I created crafting for the project, added animals to be hunted, looters trying to attack and steal your valuables, Missions, Side Missions, vendors, damage systems, loot & handy off hand combat.

So I made alot of progress.

From this point I am focussing on creating the world for the game and setup a minimap so you can stay uptodate of what happens.

So the question will be will I soon bring new screenshots and stuff?


The reason for this is because I started my own company what is going to bring back Paragon by Epic Games. The community has over 900 active members and grows everyday.

This project eats alot of my time and will make me not able to work on my project.

So what will happen with my Unity project?

I have been thinking for a long time about this and decided to soon make this available for download to the community here and soon will try to bring some new focus on my Unreal Engine RPG project.

Thats all for now!!


Updates & News

Hey there everyone!

Its been some time since my last update especially now I am planning to open source my RPG Project so all of you can start using it.

I have quite some exiting news about a new update I have been working on as I was planning on for the open world.

After working very hard and teaming up with a level artist we created a awesome world for WolfSoul and I think you guys will like it.

The use of 4k Textures and dynamic lighting makes the world looking better than ever before!!

Open World Update

Whats next?

So what am I working on right now? As for all I be working on the Unreal Engine project what is the version I will be progressing on for my own goods.

I already setted up a world, quests, several enemies to be ambushed by or attacked by. Loot systems, faction systems where AI factions are attacking each other to capture lands and grow there kingdoms, AI Building systems and many more cool features.

The map trailer is one of the things I will feature in my own game but may also share with all of you.

For the rest am I working on making the RPG for easy to use with by creating editor interfaces in the engine so that you easily can edit & add things to the game. I also work on some pathfinding systems for roaming AI and having a small AI + PvP economy system going so that when you get in you will have your very own economy system already setted up.

I also work on a simple player building system & guild system other than that are there no features planned yet.

Goodluck & Enjoy!!


Wow that is amazing! it almost looks like an AAA studio made it. Did you ever put up the download for the unity project?


Hey guys,

I decided to pick backup the project and have alot waiting for you guys as alot has changed over the past few months.

So why not and lets get started with todays update whats all about new play able characters and roles!

Characters & Roles

We have alot coming up for WolfSoul and like you can see we made alot of changes in the art style as the last video did show a immersive world does the character look more stylized.

We will adjust the world its graphics to the character there graphical quality while keeping the world the same as we have seen so far.

So which classes are available right now?

Currently we got the Hunter (Archer class) and Knight (Warrior class) available in the game for all players.
Lets show all models of each class down below.


Blade Master



Fire Wizard

Ice Wizard

Shadow Priest

Holy Priest

Cloth | Armor | Equipment
The characters in WolfSoul will be able to equip more than just one weapon. There will be several character clothing styles, armor pieces to equip and additional elements such as rings, belts and necklas items what will make your character stronger.

The current styles are end-game looks but will be default on first implementation for testing purposes.

Playable Demo
We are working very hard to make a demo possible to you. We aim for a multiplayer game demo so you can play with others and explore the world with friends.

Our itentions are no where focussed on making a commercial game or have this end in a free or pay to play RPG however community support will decide the future right?

More Upcoming
We have plenty of more stuff planned to show as for actual gameplay in the world and of course the character selection & customization overhaul we are working on. Just keep following the topic or join us in the GameDev.Tv Discord and of course our own Discord server didicated to the development progress!

Gamedev Discord:
WolfSoul Discord:


Awesome Job! Thank you for the update! I’m happy for the progress you and your team have! It’s looking good so far! I’m waiting patiently for the playable demo! I can’t wait!