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On our Discord Community Hub we have a interesting reward program where you can earn game activation keys what you can activate in the game launcher to activate the game as soon we release the first playable demo.

You also can obtain rewards such as: Artworks & Soundtracks

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                             Download will follow soon

A lone wolf hunter comes back from a journey. When he enters in the secret valley only accessible through a big cave from the ancient times he discovers bandits and creates have destroyed everything where he gave about. Some kind of a Evolved Wolf kind controls areas and villagers escaped out of the cities or got prisoned.

In the game you will be in big dungeons based on the secret valley you be in. The worlds are of a great size and will give the you the idea they can explore but also have abusolute freedom to go every where you wanna go.

On there path they will find bandits, soldiers, goblins and the evolved wolves what will leave a path of destruction behind. More creates will come. There will be also a main story line where you talk with villagers in who created new hideouts/villages where they are save from getting attacked by the elvoved wolves, bandits or any other enemies.


Dungeon like open world
Dynamic Combat Systems
Multiple enemy creatures, monsters and humans
Main Story Line
Voice Acted
Loot system
Crafting system
Inventory system
Equipment system
Destruction System
Realistic Effects


WolfSoul Weapon Art Tier 1


Tibor Sulyok - Concept Art

Damna - Concept Art

The Note Beyond - Sound Effects & Music Design

Craig_VGDragonOfficial - Soundtrack Design

ZafireHD - Concept Launcher & Website Art
Deviant Art:

Philip | Gaming4all - Programming


I be curious to suggestions, ideas and of course show me what you guys have for projects on the RPG Course. If you have something to say or just wanna chat leave than a comment :wink:

Contact my on Discord for personal project related questions:
The Note Beyond#5491


That’s quite a big chunk of work you have choosen for you there.
I hope you keep posting your progress, this is a really interesting project. Would love to see how the single pieces come together.
Thumps up for having the courage to take on such a huge project! :+1:


Keep up the good work guys! As discussed on discord, hope I’ll be able to help you in some way eventually! I’ll keep an eye on the thread in the meantime.


We decided to workout a new name and change it over to The WolfSoul | Legend Edition. Damna created a awesome piece of logo art for the project.

Currently we are working out a transparant art piece where we will put on the text Updates & News here we put all new stuff instead of the comment section.

I try to keep you guys up to date of what is getting worked out. Also all steps we make programming wise will be documented and at a later time we will make a tutorial series on how to add other features after you completed the RPG Course.


Nice I keep track of this. Curious what comew next.


Added a small image of the concept we started in Unreal Engine 4.

We also will welcome 2 new Team members on student here at GameDev.Tv a programmer and also a Unreal Engine 4 Environmental Artist.


I be curious how the main course teachers are thinking so far about this project :slight_smile: Love to get some feedback from Ben and Rick.


Small look at the Dungeon of the game this will all change later.


We got a few new awesome cursors replacing the cursors of the course :wink:

Walk + Select






Movement Attack



Upcoming Sowrds and knifes in WolfSoul.


love the art and all, very high quality (it might be rude to ask, but have you used any assets?)
looks like, a simple classic game, loving the concept. nothing too out of the ordinary, and very simple too.
keep it up, i’ll keep watching it :slight_smile:
(also, i like the character :smiley: )


Yes the sword is a asset we are using. Thanks we try to stay providing content.


This looks AMAZING, so impressed! @Rick_Davidson note.

Do you mind if @Lucy_Becker shares your success on social media?



Absolutly no problem if he does. :slight_smile:


Environment 2.0 Winter Season has been started

Enjoy all the art pieces below!


Environment 2.0 Summer Season Edition

Note: We are using Asset Store assets so we can create our environments.

Enjoy all the art pieces below!

These are the environment pieces we use!


Developer Log #1

In this small log I do like to talk about some lighting changes I have been working out for the demo project on GitHub to test out new lighting settings.

In this first test I have been working on a night lighting overview for the demo.

Old Lighting Night Time

This lighting did look well but not like how it should look in a AAA project or game. So I have been working out a new set of lighting and applied new shader effects and Bloom.

New Lighting Night Time

Here we see that the lighting has been improved alot to the more AAA standards.

During the coming days I will keep all of you up to date about progress what will been made on the lighting and in the end will will start using it on The WolfSoul world what is in the making.

I also plan to release a demo version of this applied lighting settings so you can play around with it :wink:

For questions contact me at Discord or Comment on this topic.

Discord: The Note Beyond#5491


Lighting Update Early Morning


Weapon Art Incoming!

The first pieces of weapon art are there.

WolfSoul Weapon Art Tier 1WoulfSoul Shield Art Tier 1