The WolfSoul | Legendary Edition



Awesome. Love the progress on this student project.


Small Graphics Update and battle between old ligjting at day and new ligjting at day!

Old Day Light Graphics

New Day Light Graphics

Share in the comments how you think about the progress. :wink:


Inventory Design

The first inventory design for WolfSoul is completed using Unity 5. Soon we will implement the system in to the game. Watch the setup of the Inventory Interface down below!


This looks amazing! I’m always here rooting for you! I can help test the game out and toss ideas back and forth. Keep it up bro! Keep getting after it! I want to play the game right now!!


Wow man ! this is really awesome ! Show us more screenshot during the development ! :smiley:


Definitely a big inspiration. Bravo!


Thanks the making of the Inventory system is in full progress. Tommorow I have no WIFI acces but this means alot of offline development.

After the inventory system I hope to get started with a loot drop system after killing enemies and also finnish the game launcher.

Next on the list will be a login/register system and something maybe everyone is waiting for a Character Creator where you can design your character, select your sex, select your race and pick your class.

I will also share today a link to our Discord where everyone is welcome :wink:


Thanks I try to update as active as possible and try to spend as many free hours as possible into the project.


Titan Lands

Titan Lands is the first world inside WolfSoul and is under constant development. The nice stylized world details and dynamic AAA lighting will give you the game experience you deserve.

Enjoy the first images down below:


Oh wow that sounds like a lot you have on your plate! Keep crushing it! I would love to see a Character Creator! Can’t wait! I’m down to be in the Discord!


Stunning! You have a lot of talent!


FX Update
Mages & Witches

Its been some time since our last update or at least some stuff to show of. But there is alot to cover.

For the very first is the project progressing, is a new world implemented, is there character creation, classes, gathering, multiple skills, quests and many more to cover what I will do over the coming days to weeks.

Today will be all about our new physical effects for Mages & Witches. For those classes we do wanna have a never getting bored experience. A powerful fealing and dynamic sound system something new and something to get hyped for.

Thanks to kripto289 a Unity asset creator on the asset store did we be able offer a great varity of awesome effects in combination with our very own already created dynamic sound system.

Enjoy some screens!!


Looking really good! Can’t wait to see some gameplay :slight_smile:


FX created in Unity or?


Yup created in Unity.


I hadnt seen the newest updates so i thought i would come check this out and you have down awesomely with this.
I am loving the textures and particle systems it flows all so well together.

Its been great watching you go though this process!

Looking forward to seeing how you add to this :slight_smile:


Project Update

WolfSoul is moving on to the early stages of showing of some actual raw game footage.

Down below you will find a image of how the game looks so far and soon we will come with a little introduction video to WolfSoul.

Thanks everyone for the HYPE and INTEREST I try to actively move forward the project.


You would like the last project update I just putted in.


I’ve scheduled to share this post on our social media channels as the work is inspiring, well done Philip.


That is the best.