The UE5 Learning Kit compiling shaders after every launch

Caveat: I’m running UE5.3 on an M1 MAC.

While I can appreciate a nice ready made asset available for users to start from, this kit seems to be a very painful experience. The recompile of the shaders every launch was terrible as well as it taking forever.

What I did to improve this was to set a filter of “Material” type in the Content Drawer and then individually do the following things to each material:

  1. Open in the material editor
  2. Set details filter to “usage” ( this brings up all the details within the usage section )
  3. Toggle off+on / Turn on “Used with Static Lighting” and “Used with Instance Static Meshes”
  4. Save / Apply ( this triggers a shader compile )
  5. Close UE5

The restart time delta was profound. While probably not the correct thing, as there are maybe functional implications, it made the using this pack a possibility.

Dude, you aren’t kidding. Just trying to open the project for the first time and it’s pretty much stuck at 45% on compile shaders. This is almost enough to send me running back to Unity.

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