The tank barrel doesnt reset when pointed to sky

Barrel->Elevate(DeltaRotator.Pitch); I set this one up, I dont get the barrel resetting when I point at the sky, the barrel remains at 40 degrees.
What am I doing wrong

Yes I seem to have the same issue, not sure what the problem is yet hopefully I can figure it out eventually… Anyone else encountered and solved this one yet?


This is a post that I posted on Udemy Q&R that fix this issue:

So if you want the same behavior than in the video, you need to always return true on this method.

from my point of view the barrel cant move back.
if there is no hitlocation we never enter the AimAt function and never get to the Elevate Function inside Barrel.cpp
On the other side, if we dont solve the ProjectileSpeed, we also dont enter the elevate function and the barrel cant move back.

i think its a bug that Ben’s TankBarrel moves back :slight_smile:

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