The reason for the blank savegame is

… because Sam has a key binding in SavingWrapper.Update() that causes the game to save using the current savegame name whenever you type an ‘S’. When creating a new game, there is no current savegame name set, so typing a name with an ‘S’ in it will save a file called .sav, resulting in the blank entry in the Load Game list. It will be a saved state at the Main Menu scene.

I’m not sure why, when Sam types “Charlie’s Adventure”, he doesn’t trigger the scene loading via shortcut ‘L’ - perhaps it is disabled in his code. For me, typing an ‘L’ in the New Game text field interrupts instantly and warps me to the last savegame, which if I’ve hit ‘S’ recently will just be the Main Menu again.

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Yes, once we’re into the menu (including the pause menu to Save and Quit), we need to get rid of those pesky L)oad and S)ave keys. They were always just for prototyping anyways.

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