The other side of me, from Unity to Unreal Engine

Windows 11 x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1194)
Unity 2021.3.21f1
Unreal Editor 5.1.1


I have been learning Unity for about a year plus from courses, Dr Penny’s courses and some Youtube channels, so far is fine and I don’t expect perfect, manage to produce few Unity HUD, VR and AR asset programs to be published.

I used to share my findings as it helps me to remember things better :sweat_smile:

It is easier if you have used Unity Editor before and when come to interact with Unreal Editor, is quite familiar, I would say Unreal Editor user experience still need about 10% to clean up and polish, but is acceptable to me since I know C/C++ for many years, this give advantage to speed up the learning process in Unreal Engine.

The setup of Android development using Unreal Engine is not that difficult actually, most references can be found on Youtube, is just you need to spend 1-2 days for findings and testings. HERE is some of my sharing done.

The toolchain or environment path setting is handled well, for example if the intellisense not functioning or some .h file path not linked, you can fix it via single click as picture shown below.

Much automated solution by UE5.1.1, well done.

I am very excited to look forward for the new release of Unreal Engine.

Thanks again, bye!

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