The math worries me

I’ve always been bad at math. I suspect the average 5th grader these days is better at math than I am.
I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around what was going on in this lesson, and that worries me as far as my future as a developer.


I can point you to some helpful resources or chat with you in discord.

I’ll try to post again later tonight.

I appreciate it :slight_smile:

So maybe I should have asked what was going on in that lesson. :slight_smile: I just posted a huge primer on vector math today, specifically for Unity. There’s also some youtube videos I can recommend on the subject.

Unity’s own scripting tutorials on their website are not a bad start though, as they start a little more basic than and each video is dedicated to one particular topic. There’s at least one on vectors and such.

In addition, I remember liking this series of videos a year or two ago:

I am not great at Math either! But it should not not worry you or stop you from continuing and learning Unity.

Lots and lots of script and help are available online. You don’t have write all you script from scratch! Of course unless you are aiming for some AAA type games lol

Anyway, keen to chat about this challenges since I am also not the best in math, I am sure we can find a way to overcome this overtime.


it was a bit overwhelming, yeah
I’d never done any of that stuff before

study study I guess

Same here. I missed out on Algebra and a lot of advanced math classes when I was young. My grandson has me beat – makes me feel dumb. He is so smart with all his advanced classes. I want to be able to do this sooo bad but I don’t know.

Hello. I know math can be scary. The best way to get better at math is to practice. Trying to understand on your own is tough, but you can do it if you apply yourself. It might be really hard the first time; if you try your best, the next time will be easier.

If you wanted to learn a language you don’t already know, you would first need to learn some basic stuff. You start by learning some basic vocabulary, some really easy phrases, and then add more complex things to what you already know. This is the exact same thing as Mathematics, as it’s really a language in itself.

Don’t be scared! The only thing you need to do to reach your potential is your efforts!

And if you really want to learn more about math from the instructors we know and love, give a vote to this thread and maybe they will make a course for all of us interested in learning Mathematics specifically for game design! Maths for Games - A Fresh Start for Mathematics

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Get the book 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development. It is an excellent book. Also it’s a fun book with jokes to keep you interested and engaged!


I hope this link can help you with your Math this set of videos covers most of the math that you will use in video game programming.

Just in case you might need the link and not the hyperlink

Also you can look right here in the community. Maths for Games - A Fresh Start for Mathematics

Lloyd Risper


Brackeys Video on Sine Waves helped me ^^