The enemy only triggered the exit2d when no more tiles front the enemy

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First of all, check the tilemap collider. Does it look like Rick’s or are there any gaps or squares?

i think its the same collider

Click the ‘Pause’ button, then the ‘Play’ button. Keep the Scene window open and zoom in on the enemy, which you select in the Hierarchy. Then click the third button on the right-handed side of the ‘Pause’ button. This way, you click through the frames.

Maybe the enemy collider is not set up correctly. When the enemy flips, none of its colliders is supposed to touch the vertical edge (the ‘wall’) again.

I dont know what wrong with the collider, can you tell me, thank you.

The periscope collider is too close to the circle collider. Please compare your enemy colliders to Rick’s.

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