The "Copy Python Command" is disabled?


I have Blender 2.78a installed. Python console works fine, however the “Copy Python Command” is disabled from the Add Text menu (and all other Add … commands aswell). Is there anywhere I can enabled it? I have not been able to find any setting… Looks like a useful thing, so it would be nice to have it enabled. :slight_smile:
See screenshot:

Best regards

Ok, if I open Blender 2.78a and do Shift-A and right-click “Text”, Copy Python Command is disabled.

However, if I go down to the Add button on the menubar, click, and right-click Text, it’s enabled.

Probably a bug.

Ahaa! Yes, the “ordinary” menu works, but not the SHIFT-A menu. Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:


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