The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 9)

Hi guys. On behalf of @Brandon_H, I am posting his topic for the Weekly Gallery.

This week’s topic is: :alien: Space :rocket: as chosen by Brandon

“Planet, travel, or sci-fi, anything relating to space.” A vast topic he’s chosen, but plenty of material to pick from.

Good luck!


Midway point for weekly submissions.

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Busy week for me, I hope I can work a bit on it this weekend :-/


I, too, have been sick this week, and trying to organise irl things, so I’m not sure if I’ll get one out by monday :frowning: But I’m also planning on starting my big grand monthly project, but I’m having difficulty finding inspiration and motivation.

At this rate it’s starting to look like any submission will be the topic picker for next week with a grand total of 0 submissions so far xD

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i think we can extended that week to 2 weeks if the situation remained like that.
It’s strange that nobody submitted anything till now. (grand total of 0) :joy:

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Well, since nobody has submitted anything yet, and I’ve been lacking motivation to do anything these past few weeks, I thought I would try my hand at this. I decided to go with a simple low poly spaceship this time.

I don’t think this is done yet, but I’m not sure what else to add to this. I’ve never really done a spaceship like this before, so it was a little new to me. Myself, I give it a 7/10.

Now we have a grand total of 1 :smiley:


Wow, this model has to be the best one that’s been submitted so far this week!


hahahahaahah :joy: :joy: :joy:

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And that’s Space :joy:

i think maybe everyone is busy making the monthly project


Ok, so here for a real entry to this weeks theme “space”.
I took my Dreadnought from week 4 and made a space scene out of it with assets from my hover tank shooter project ^^;

:+1: Fail Faster - there is no instant win :+1:
Twitter: @GamedevCala - Blog: - Twitch: GamedevCala


As a discussion:
if the monthly project really leads to people not working for the weekly submission, I would rather prefer to stop the monthly concept. It’s a lot more interesting to have a weekly discussion and showcase instead of one month being silent…

The monthly project doesn’t feel like a quick practice and improvement opportunity but more like a show off. That’s what ArtStation and so on are there for :-/


@GamedevCala I am very amazed with your work (REALLY AWESOME!) :sunglasses:

i agree with you but lets see how this week goes (there still 1 day or 2)
and maybe the reason of less entries because we made a Dreadnought spaceship so we lack ideas for space scenes?

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I haven’t posted much weekly because I’ve been ill… And playing Monster Hunter!

I ultimately hope to submit for both; after all, the weekly takes a couple hours, and the monthly should only take maybe… 3 days work, if you have like, a Rocky II-esque montage whilst you do it.

I have an entry coming soon once its rendered …really slow week …gamedevcala really great compositions …love it …could be scenes from a sci fi movie!

Star wars meets Battlestar Glactica meets dunno haha …over the last few months i have made a viper a cyclon raider…"old school "… can aircraft carrier type ship and the battlestar galactica and a tie defender… … I’m a big fan of sci fi… none of them are really fully finished but with the right angles i can fake it …dunno why but my viper came out funky after joining all the parts…i think a sub surf modifier was still active and shrunk a bunch of parts that shouldn’t be shrunken when joined lol …anyways since i had all these spaceships decided to make a battle scene with them …a few more different renders on the way in a bit once done… so heres number 1


number 2 of 4


Unfortunately these models are not finished …some only half textured etc but only way i could get an entry in this week… plus had to use low samples on the renders as the scene was just too heavy for my comp …sorry about the low quality guys .wanted to get something in as i love space haha


I tried to make something in the last moment :smile:

update: this a better version :slight_smile:

update 2: A better better version :smile:


Hey guys! Well done to those who submitted.

Using my random number generator which is completely fair and unbiased, it has decided that @GamedevCala should pick the topic for this week. All hail RNJesus.

@GamedevCala can you please pick the topic for next week and start a thread with your suggestion, thanks!

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Just my two cents from a beginner perspective, I like the monthly idea and the weekly idea both. It takes me longer to make things since I have to continually go back and look up how to do things in Blender. Right now, I am trying to wrap my heard around texturing my contribution to the “Treasure Hunt” monthly theme. LOL…it has taken me much longer to do my monthly than 3 days…I think I have like 5 days so far and not even close to half way finished. The good thing though is I am learning and gaining experience.

So for me, to be able to participate, the Monthly Gallery would be better; however, for others with more skills the weekly is probably something they would be more interested in.

Congratz, GamedevCala!

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