The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 26)

The week between Christmas and New year’s day… a week to look back and take stock of the year 2016 (sorry, i use google translate but “stock” is not the good word i think).

What do you remember from 2016 ?


Not a very happy event


Aapef what should we make ??

what is the theme ?

The theme is a scene important for you in 2016.
Your wedding, Donald Trump, Rogue One, …

For me, it’s the sad night in Nice, the 07/14.

ohhhhh ok iwill win this

:wink: i hope so

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finally its takes 3 hours actully i make it from youtube but anyway gj for me
i love the rain 2 much :smile: <img


Fun times I remember are sitting down in my chair and working on games the whole day :smiley:

Edit: Made the render more detailed, hopefully it isn’t against the rules to do that.


I couldn’t find the time to make anything this week, but great job everyone, they look great. :smile:

guys iwant someone help me to make a horror game i have the map model i just need help and of cours i will put it on steam but i need help i have the story and some models like houses ground bed light like that so if there some one can help me hmmmmm

just tell me :expressionless:

and sry if there are some wrong words iam bad in english :cold_sweat:

Hi guys! Congratulations to the submitters.

With 7 likes, the winner for this week and the first topic of the year goes to @Alex_Hetrick

@Alex_Hetrick Please start a new thread whenever you’re able with your topic for this week.

Also, @rayan112233, the blender gallery isn’t really a good spot for asking something like that. I would suggest that you put a post instead in the Collaborate board in the Lounge Category.

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Great models everyone! First blender collab of the new year is here! The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 1: 2017) (Buildings)

nice one guys :slight_smile:
Sorry I couldnt contribute, well done everyone!

ohhhh i lost again

Hey, don’t consider it as losing, but as an opportunity to be even better next week! You’re still one step up on those who didn’t submit, right?

yes maybe

iwill do my best


I think you did great! :smiley:

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thankes :smirk:

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