The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 2)

Following last week’s castle, the second week theme is :

:crossed_swords: A SWORD :crossed_swords:

I think this can be as simple or complex as you like and fits easily in sketchfab, so no need for long renders!

Remember, this is a great way to practice (and have fun)! So however far you are in the course, feel free to participate!

If I understood correctly, we have until next Sunday night before the theme changes, so get to it! :wink:


Great Theme! Looking forward to seeing them all :slight_smile:

A first blockout of my sword (Katana) :slight_smile:

:+1: Fail Faster - there is no instant win :+1:
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Looking great so far @GamedevCala !

Looking really really good so far Gamedev!
My sword in progress…has been harder than i expected !


I thought I would join in this week. :smiley: I’m not sure of the hand guard thing.


Ta daa! I may have stretched the entry conditions a bit by including Shulk’s barely-sword-looking thing that he has, but it was some much needed practice on making versatile segments of one object, rather than it all being connected geometrically. Ultimately, I think it really makes the model.

Unfortunately, still no idea how to texture, so the boring red is how it ended up.

Everyone’s swords are looking great :smiley: It’s fantastic to see you participating as well, @Michael_Bridges


Looks super futuristic! I had some issues with textures and sketch fab, that’s why I rendered it too :slight_smile:

I was too busy to make a castle last week! Thought I would get in early before other distractions piled up!

Michael, Mcfuzz… very cool swords!! Mcfuzz is very futuristic like what i would expect in a space fps …very cool…michael your is the perfect cartoon sword for an animated cartoon type movie / scene!!..yeah sketchfab is tricky when you want your textures to show hahah… Loving the works so far!

Bit busy at the moment, so don’t think I’ll manage to get something done in Blender before sunday. For inspiration: here is a “Langes Messer” I made in Creo Elements. It’s based on the RL version I use in training. It’s about 1100mm long and can both be used one- and two-handed.


Wow those swords are fantastic!

Here is my entry for this week :

Getting textures to show correctly in sketchfab is a bit tricky, especially for procedural materials…

Here is a render in Blender Cycles

Congrats to everyone! I hope I get to see more swords until sunday!


Somehow very Chinese colours. :slight_smile:

Wow, lots of awesome swords!

This is my entry. One of those “pretty but useless” swords lol
I coun’t decide which textures to use in the blade so i rendered all :joy:

Rusty, Gore and Clean.

Here is another version at SketchFab (sorry for the high res textures, i had some problems with the uv mapping, but for the sake of the challenge is fine :slight_smile: )


My submission this week is in preparation for the new Star Trek movie. The sword I have made is the Klingon Bat’leth!
Sketchfab did not get any of the materials, so I will include a render as well.

Here is the Sketchfab:

And the render:

Another render:

I know that this isn’t precisely a sword, but both are sharp, have the ability to stab things, and are excellent at dismemberment, so eh; close enough :smile: XD

Thank you for your time!

P.S. If you still don’t know what the heck this is, google it!
P.S.S. Does anyone have any sort of explanation as to why the materials aren’t going into Sketchfab correctly?
P.S.S.S. Like if your excited for the new star trek movie!


Awesome jobs guys those are some great swords /weapons!! M.47 sketchfab is tricky to add your textures too…i couldn’t figure it out with my axe!

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hahahaha :smile: so easy to model a minecraft sword (i saw the post late so i needed to do a fast easy thing)


From what i googled, it seems cycles materials nodes are not working properly with sketchfab. What you could do is bake the materials into textures, and apply it in sketchfab. I had the same problem with the castle challenge, this time i used only bitmap textures and worked.


Thank you @Lucas_Lima!

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I went ahead and spend some time to learn more about Substance Painter. So here is my model for this week, not enough time to add more details ^^;


Nice work everyone! Life kept me from getting to do any modeling this week so I’ve missed out on the sword challenge. Hope to be able to join in on next weeks.